London, April 2016
London Volatility and Tail Risk Educational Event

Please note that this educational day is aimed at investors and is strictly non-marketing.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

11 Cavendish Square

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Chair Welcome Remarks

Maya Rodriguez (Managing Partner, AZR Capital Ltd)

Economic address: Why economists always being right creates volatility

Markets and economics have increasingly divorced from one another. This is encouraging mispricing of assets and of policy, and facilitates periods of market volatility against a relatively clear policy and fundamental backdrop.

Paul Donovan (Global Economist, Managing Director, UBS Investment Bank)

Manager Panel Discussion: Managers' views on volatility, risks, returns and what lies ahead

This panel will consider how the recent period of low volatility has changed the use and perception of volatility by different market participants and if this is about to change again. Discussion topics will include: the landscape of volatility products, their evolution and their impact on the market, where the current opportunities in the volatility markets can be found and their practical implementation, and views on the fast evolving volatility market environment.

Manager: Marc Perrigault (Portfolio Manager, Schroders Volatility Funds)

Manager: Pierre de Saab (Partner, Dominicé & Co - Asset Management)

Manager: Jacob Weinig (Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager, Malachite Capital)

Moderator: Paul Donovan (Global Economist, Managing Director, UBS Investment Bank)

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This case study will first shed some light on today’s extraordinary fragility of global markets, then discuss why extrapolating experiences from our past lifetime might be very dangerous, and finally offer some thoughts of how one could go beyond the drylands by cutting across asset classes to extract generic alpha.

Guest speaker: Pascal Spielmann (Executive Director, LGT Capital)

Moderator: Andrew Wong (Advisor, Global Markets & Risk)

Please contact us at to receive a copy of the presentation.

Volatility trends: Volatility of volatility, liquidity, regulations and volatility supply & demand mania

Short presentation by Kokou followed by a Q&A led by Paul. The presentation will look to answer the following open questions: Will my counterparties be there when I need liquidity? How is the liquidity landscape changing for volatility instruments? How does MIFID2 impact your day to day in terms of execution / cost of trading / counterparty selection? Should managers / investors pull out of certain markets / strategies as a consequence? Has regulation overshot? Who are the buyers and sellers of volatility today? Is structured product issuance still hot? What are the trends in structured product issuance globally and what impact is it having on volatility of volatility?

Bank: Kokou Agbo-Bloua (Managing Director, Global Head of Flow Strategy & Solutions, Financial Engineering, SG CIB)

Manager: Will Bartlett (CIO, Parallax Volatility Advisers)

Investor: Patrick Fleur (Head of Trading & Execution Desk, PGGM)

Moderator: Paul Hilgers (Global CEO, Optiver)

Lunch break

EQUITY PROTECTION PANEL DISCUSSION: Is it still working and worth it? What's new, what do you get?

This session seeks an ideal way of hedging tail risk and protecting equity portfolios. What have been the experiences of the investors on the panel? How can a successful allocation be defined? How can investors overcome challenging investment committee debates on the cost/benefit of tail risk hedging? How should they allocate to these strategies?

Manager: Richard (Jerry) Haworth (CEO & CIO, 36 South Capital Advisors LLP)

Manager: Tomoko Yamahara (Portfolio Manager, Capula Investment Manager)

Manager: Keith Guthrie (Chief Investment Officer, Cardano Risk Management Ltd)

Moderator: Brian Dana (Principal/Hedge Fund Practice Leader, Meketa Investment Group)

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR VIEWPOINTS: How to best hedge volatility? Banks vs. tail risk funds?

Short case study presentations followed by a Q&A by each of the institutional investors Arnaud Fortier and Mike Edleson. They will be making the case for having efficient hedging strategies as part of investor portfolios. Both investors have been investing in hedging strategies for a number of years now. Arnaud Fortier will argue for sourcing directly from the investment banks to obtain a more tailored and liquid hedge, while Mike will make the case for portfolio protection through funds, explaining why hedging programs make sense for an endowment and how much it should constitute.

Investor: Arnaud Fortier (Head of Financial Engineering, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd)

Investor: Mike Edleson (Chief Risk Officer, The University of Chicago)

Moderator: Stephen Coltman (Senior Investment Strategist, Aberdeen Asset Management)

GUEST SPEAKER: How volatility changes your brain

John Coates  (John, until recently Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Finance at the University of Cambridge, previously traded derivatives for Goldman Sachs and ran a trading desk for Deutsche Bank. He now researches the biology of risk taking and stress. His book, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, was shortlisted for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year, while the journal, Foreign Policy, named him one of the most influential thinkers of the year.)

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Our speakers…

Kokou Agbo-Bloua
Managing Director, Global Head of Flow Strategy & Solutions, Financial Engineering SG CIB
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Will Bartlett
Will Bartlett
CEO and Managing Member Parallax Volatility Advisers, LLC
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John Coates
Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Finance University of Cambridge
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Stephen Coltman
Senior Investment Strategist Aberdeen Asset Management
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W. Brian Dana
Principal, Consultant Meketa Investment Group
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Pierre de Saab
Partner Dominicé & Co - Asset Management
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Paul Donovan
Managing Director and Global Chief Economist UBS Wealth Management
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Mike Edelson
Chief Risk Officer The University of Chicago
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Patrick Fleur
Head of Trading and Execution Desk PGGM
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Arnaud Fortier
Head of Financial Engineering Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
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Keith Guthrie
Chief Investment Officer Cardano
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Richard (Jerry) Haworth
CEO & CIO 36 South Capital Advisers LLP
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Paul Hilgers
Group CEO Optiver Holding BV
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Marc Perrigault
Portfolio Manager Schroders
Read Bio
Maya Rodriguez
Maya Rodriguez
Managing Partner AZR Capital
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Pascal Spielmann
Executive Director and Senior Investment Strategist LGT Investment Partners Ltd
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Jacob M. Weinig, CAIA
Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager Malachite Capital Management
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Andrew Wong
Advisor Global Markets & Risk
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Tomoko Yamahara
Portfolio Manager Capula Investment Management LLP
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